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For over half a century Woodrup Cycles have been catering for the needs of cyclists across the world.  Initially founded by Stephen Maurice Woodrup and his wife Jean after Maurice returned from world war two, the company quickly gained a reputation for providing
well-designed and meticulously appointed racing frames to the local cycling community.  


As Stephen and Jean often rode with the very people that used their cycles, they amassed years of invaluable feedback that allowed them to continuously modify and refine their construction techniques and designs.

Stephen Woodrup, the couple’s son, apprenticed with his father for many years before taking over the main frame building responsibilities in the mid 1970’s.  Now after more than 45 years experience and thousands of beautifully crafted frames, Stephen still retains his joy for building and continues as the head of Woodrup cycles.  He is now joined by his son, Tony and Grandson Conor who carry on the Woodrup tradition.


Pro riders

Over the years Woodrup cycles have exported 1000's of frames across the globe reaching countries as far as Bemuda and Australia.  The have been ridden by some of the UK's cycling greats including Sid Barras and Barry Hoban whom held the record for the most Tour de-France stage wins of a British rider before Mark Cavendish recently took over his record. In fact, Barry Hoban is known to have won at least one Tour de-France stage on a Woodrup built frame.