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All our frames are made from steel and we can design and build you anything from a very traditional touring bike, modern hub-gear belt drive do-it-all bike, hardtail Mountain Bike or modern 953 Stainless Steel race bike.  

Each Woodrup frame is individually hand crafted to our customers own specification, design and finish.   Although we can build our frames to any specification, we offer the following main models:


Every frame is fully customised for the individual customer by choosing the exact geometry and tubing to create the ideal bike for the riding style and type of use for which the bike is intended. The construction of the frame can also be chosen to be very traditional or more modern. You can choose to have some of the finest hand filed lug-work that you will find anywhere in the world, or a super smooth fillet brazed finish.  From start to finish each component of our frames is handpicked and checked by eye before being assembled into a frameset.  Here at Woodrup’s we believe in traditional building techniques.  All our frames are built free hand and not in a jig as with a lot of modern builders.  Although this is a more time consuming procedure it allows us to feel the frame as it is brazed reducing stress points at the joints and limiting the need to “cold set” (track) the frame afterwards.

If you would like any further information on our frames, please don't hesitate to contact us; we even encourage customers to come in and talk to the frame builder to discuss their exact requirements; how often can you get such a personal touch these days?