Our Shop

Here at Woodrups we have stocked many bike brands over the years and have refined our stock to give you what we feel are the best manufactured bikes on the planet. We are able to obtain any bike from the brands listed within a minimum time frame providing you with a huge range of choice from the leading cycle brands. Turnaround in most cases is within 7 working days, usually quicker.  
Bikes in stock can be built and ready to ride on the same day of purchase and understanding your eagerness, we always endeavour to provide you with your new machine as quickly as possible.

All cycles are thoroughly adjusted and checked upon assembly with a second inspection check when the machine is sold to ensure it comes working at peak performance from your first ride. All new cycles sold here come inclusive of a free 1st Service within the first 8 weeks. This is to allow time over several rides for the cables to ‘bed in’ so we can readjust your gears and brakes accordingly and adjust or ensure you are happy with your position on the bike. Also, to give you superb satisfaction, we fit any accessories at time of purchase to
the bike free of charge!